Taking classes via I-Pad or Amdroid Tablets


How to install the app which will allow you to have classes using I-Pads or Android Tablets



If you do not have a computer or for any other reason you are not able to use a computer, it’s possible to take classes using I-Pad or Android Tablet.

1- using the tablet, click on picture above corresponding to your device to open Apple Store or Google Play Store download page. If you prefer you can also search for the WiziQ free app and install it.

2- After installing the WiziQ app you do not need to open it. The app will be launched automatically when you enter the classroom.

3- When the class is about to start, just access our school’s webiste www.Live-Lessons.com (using Safari or any other default web browser) and click the button [ Enter Room ].

The app will be launched automatically after clicking this button.



How to watch your recorded classes on I-Pads or Android Tablets



As I-pads and Android Tablets do not run Adobe Flash applications, it is necessary to install an alternative web browser that have this feature.

At Apple Store or Play Store search for Puffin Web Browser.

Install the free version of it in order to try it for 2 weeks. Then, if it works fine, you can purchase the app which cost about US$ 3 dollars..

Open Puffin and login at www.Live-Lessons.com.

Click on [ History ] + [ Recorded Classes ]. Then choose the day you want to watch the the class by clicking [ View ]

That’s all ! Enjoy and learn much more by reviewing your classes.